Image Requirements

As part of our winner identification process, Nielsen will assess consumer preference for old vs. new designs. To be compatible with our software and to ensure a clean, bias-free evaluation, images must meet specific requirements.

Consistent Package Number and Variety: If you redesign applied to multiple products in a line, you can either submit a photograph of one package OR submit a photograph of multiple packages. However, the number and variety of packages shown must be the same across the photographs for old and new designs. For example, if your old design photograph shows three varieties of yogurt (vanilla, strawberry and blueberry), then your new design photograph must also show the same three varieties of yogurt—and must not include any additional varieties.

File Format: PNG files with transparent backgrounds are needed. Images should not be pixelated in any way; they should be crisp and high quality—preferably, at least 96 dpi.

File Size: Both image files together should not exceed 10mb. (The online form will not accept submissions whose file sizes total more than 10mb together.)

Transparency: Negative space (i.e., the are behind the pack) should be transparent.

Color: RGB color format is preferred. If designing in CMYK, it is important to understand that some color fidelity can be lost when converting images from CMYK to RGB.

Photographs vs. Illustrations: Both old and new design images should be photographs, rather than graphic illustrations.

Consistent Image Angle: All packages must be photographed or rendered at the same angle—ideally, with the camera facing the package straight-on.

Accurate Scaling: Both images need to be proportionately sized. As a starting point, the smallest image should be at least 600 pixels on its largest dimension (height or width). For example, if the old package is smaller than the new package, it should appear smaller to the correct degre when both images are placed next to each other.