How "Smart" Products Can Win Over Mainstream Consumers

Despite predictions of rapid growth for consumer "smart" products, they have yet to find a secure foothold amongst mainstream audiences. This Nielsen Innovation Trend Watch report examines possible reasons for this, exploring the gap between what consumers truly want from smart products and offerings currently in market. This report shares original data gathered from 2,000 U.S. consumers and provides insights for brands and marketers about consumer psychology, most-wanted smart features, ideal product positioning and industry challenges to mainstream adoption. 


  • Most and least wanted smart objects, according to consumers
  • 4 key consumer likes & dislikes for product features and messaging
  • The 3 biggest consumer challenges facing the "Internet of Things" trend
  • How consumers optimized 4 real smart technology products, creating new opportunities for innovation in market

*Includes data from 2000 U.S. consumers, ages 18 - 54.