With Nielsen Video Capture, you can see consumers react in the moment with your product, service or website and gain powerful insights to enable improvements in your messaging and customer experience.



Richer, Deeper Insights

  • See and hear consumers' unfiltered, emotional responses
  • Uncover hidden risks to your product

Better Research Value

  • Qualitative insights at ½ the cost of a focus group

Add the "Wow" Factor

  • Make your presentations more engaging
  • Create a better "sell in" story


  • Video analyzed and embedded in PPT for you
  • No impact to standard product test timeline
  • Available in most markets
See it in Action

A leading home care manufacturer was launching a new eco-friendly cleaner and wanted to understand how effectively the product delivered on consumer expectations. Using Nielsen Video Capture, 25 consumers recorded 1-2 minute videos of themselves using the product in their homes and the videos were automatically uploaded to an online platform and edited into quick highlight reels.


At first, consumers were skeptical of the product’s cleaning power, but after using it, they were quickly convinced it could clean just as well as any traditional cleanser.


Check out this video sample to see for yourself.