Is it worth submitting for this award?

We certainly think so. Demonstrating the business impact of design makes a mean case for investing more in design. If you work for a product manufacturer, this is one of the most influential marketing levers available to you—though it isn't usually treated this way. If you work for a design agency, demonstrating how you drive client revenue is the ultimate justification of your value. Either way, it probably can't hurt to have Nielsen recognize the amazing business impact of your package redesign.


Is there a fee to enter?

There is no cost associated with participating in the Nielsen Design Impact Award contest.


Can I submit more than one redesign?

Absolutely. Just fill out the form once per entry (i.e., don't include information for two redesigns on the same form submission).


My redesigned product is only outside the eligible markets. Can I enter?

We are only accepting entries from Australia, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Phillipines, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States at this time. Products sold in multiple countries are eligible, but they will be judged solely on their performance in the eligible market.


How are the winners determined?

Our winner identification process is three-fold:

  1. We look at the in-market performance of the product before (1-year period) and after (1-year period) the redesigned product became widely available on store shelves. “In-market performance” refers to relative improvement in sales dollars, sales volume and distribution. In other words, did the design assist in driving sales growth and persuading more retailers to stock the product?

  2. We take the top-performing redesigns from the previous phase and advance them to a round of quantitative consumer testing. In this phase, we look for clear purchase preference for the new design over the old design. In other words, is the new design significantly more appealing in consumers' eyes?

  3. We may also consider strategic intent in relation to other metrics, such as key personality traits and communication goals.

Here are the factors we consider:

  • SALES IMPACT: relative increase in sales units and sales dollars after the redesign

  • DISTRIBUTION IMPACT: relative increase in distribution after the redesign

  • CONSUMER PREFERENCE: relative consumer preference for the new design versus the old design

  • STRATEGIC INTENT: relative effectiveness in conveying the primary strategic message(s)


Why are only redesigns eligible?

Redesigns provide a “before” and “after” scenario. This allows us to compare the performance of the new design to that of the old design in an objective way. New products have no prior in-market data so there is no benchmark against which to evaluate their impact.


Why can't I submit a redesign that launched after January 1, 2018?

In order to evaluate the business impact of a redesign, we need to look at how it's performing in market—so enough time must have elapsed to give us a solid read. In the case of this award, we evaluate one year of retail sales data after the launch of the new design. If your redesign hit shelves after January 1, 2018, it needs more time to bake. You would be able to enter it for next year's award though.


Are store brand (also known as "private label") redesigns elibigle?

Yes, but please email Allison Kehoe (, as we will need some additional information about your redesign.


Are there any guidelines I need to follow when submitting package design images?

Yes. Please read our image requirements carefully before uploading your files.


What if the brand launched new products to the line when the redesign was rolled out?

We are primarily concerned with the "before" and "after" performance of pre-existing products but, if new varieties were included in the roll-out, please list the corresponding UPCs for the newly launched varieties.


What if there was no change in the UPC(s) for the redesign?

Most package redesigns don't trigger a UPC change. This is why we need your best estimate of when the redesigned package was first widely available on store shelves. It can take time for the old design to sell through, so this is at least a few weeks after the redesigned package was "officially" released.


What if there was a change to the UPC?

That's okay. Just provide all UPCs for products affected by the redesign. In other words, you will likely be submitting two different UPCs for the same product—one from before the redesign, and one from after the redesign. It's helpful if you enter UPCs for the same product consecutively in the designated field.


By participating, am I giving Nielsen permission to share data about the redesign's impact?

Yes, but only if you're selected as a winner—in which case, we hope you'd want the bragging rights anyways. For winning designs, Nielsen may share data about the metrics included in the winner criteria above (sales units, sales dollars, distribution/ACV and consumer preference). For example, we may say that the redesign generated an 8% lift in sales units; that it contributed to a 13 point increase in distribution; or that the new design was 30% more preferred by consumers than the old design. If you do not win, Nielsen will not share any data specific to the performance of your redesign—basically, if it's not something you'd want to brag about, our lips are sealed. (You can read more about this in our terms and conditions.)