How to Hook the Millennial Investor


Many older Millennials have begun to amass considerable wealth and to take an active interest in their financial fitness. As a result, financial services companies are competing heavily for this generation's attention (and moola)—so how can they create products and communications that truly cut through the clutter?


Nielsen’s new study, How to Hook the Millennial Investor, answers just that question. By surveying and testing actual messaging amongst more than 1100 investors, Nielsen offers a comprehensive view of Millennials’ investment mindsets and behaviors, plus actionable strategies and best practices for acquiring Millennial investors.



  • Millennials’ current investment psychology & behaviors
  • This generation’s “wish list” for investment tools and technologies
  • Key investment triggers & goals
  • Top decision-making heuristics Millennials apply when making financial decisions
  • Specific trade-offs and moments of struggle to which financial companies can appeal
  • How to optimize communications and financial products for maximum impact with Millennials


*Includes data from more than 1100 U.S. investors.

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