5 Things to Know When Marketing Anti-Aging Products to Men

When it comes to grooming, men are starting to invest more time, attention and money than ever before. In 2013, the men’s personal care market (which consists of skin products, deodorant, toiletries, etc.) hit $3.9 billion. That’s a 15 percent growth since 2008, and the category is only expected to grow as more men adopt a skin care regime. How can marketers best capitalize on this male beauty trend? In this report, Nielsen shares research gathered by optimizing anti-aging skin care product concepts with 1,000 US and UK men. The resulting findings will help marketers better understand what male “beauty” consumers truly want.


  • What benefits men most seek in anti-aging skin care products
  • What imagery most resonates with male consumers
  • Why “anti-aging” is a polarizing term with some men
  • What skin-care product ingredients generate the most interest and appeal with men
  • Differences between US and UK men when it comes to product interests and needs