Engage Emotions: Humor

Laughter is the best medicine, right? Or in this case, humor is a great engagement tool. We remember the things that make us smile and laugh - and even better, we share them with our personal networks.

How can your ads be both educational and funny all at once?

Entertain first and educate second. Once you have the viewer hooked then you can inform them.

Accompany the ad message with a pleasant feeling in order to strengthen the learning aspect of the ad.

Really go for it! Be funny. One of the best ways a company can become more human is to act on human desires. Leverage that by understanding people want to be entertained and then deliver something worth their while.

An example of a funny ad done right is Sonic’s “Wing Man”:


Nielsen Ad Memorability Index: 140

Ad Memorability Index compared to database norm of 100

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