Nielsen, Inc.

beat the
innovation odds

beat the
innovation odds

Without breaking your budget

Did you know that only 10% of new products succeed? With Nielsen's Innovation Analytics, you can test your new product ideas and boost your chances of success to 75%, on average.

and solutions start as low as $1,000 per idea.

Test new product ideas with your consumers

Whether you're looking to prioritize your long-term innovation pipeline or preparing an initiative for market, Nielsen can help you determine whether consumers will buy your new product and how to strengthen its appeal.

Proven, validated methodology

Nielsen's innovation analytics are powered by the proprietary Factors for Success™ model, which accurately predicts the probability of launching a winning product by comparing it against other products in market. It's proven to help companies increase new product success rates to 75%, on average.

Step-by-step consulting for reliable results

With Nielsen's innovation analytics, you get more than just data — you get expertise. Using your Factors for Success™ scorecard as a guide, our innovation experts will help focus you on key areas for improvement.

flexible and affordable

You may think that market research is too expensive. But with solutions starting as low as $1,000 per idea, it's possible for businesses of any size to start evaluating their innovations today.